Orange Dream Catcher

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Capture positive vibes with our vibrant Orange Dream Catcher. Handcrafted beauty for a touch of boho chic in any space.
Before hanging it, rub its feathers with your hands.
Used Materials:
  1. Aluminium Ring 7.5 cm
  2. Nylone Thread
  3. Feathers
  4. Wooden Beads

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The Orange Dream Catcher is a captivating and vibrant interpretation of the traditional Native American talisman, known for its ability to filter out negative energy and promote positive dreams. Drenched in the warm and invigorating hue of orange, this dream catcher exudes a lively energy that instantly draws attention. The meticulously woven web, crafted from a combination of natural fibers and bright threads, forms an intricate pattern reminiscent of sunbursts, radiating outward in a symphony of colors.

At the center, a small hoop encircles a delicate orange gemstone, adding a touch of mystique to the design. Cascading from the bottom of the hoop are numerous vibrant feathers, dancing in the breeze and symbolizing the ethereal journey of dreams. Each feather is carefully chosen for its unique color, creating a harmonious blend that complements the overall aesthetic.

This Orange Dream Catcher is not just a decorative piece; it’s a symbolic embodiment of positivity and creativity. Whether hanging above a bed, in a window, or any space that needs a burst of color, the Orange Dream Catcher serves as a constant reminder of the power of positivity and the beauty of dreams. Its vivid presence serves as a beacon of hope, encouraging a sense of tranquility and well-being in any environment.

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