White Dream Catcher

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Its a beautiful dream catcher in white color for hang in your Home, Office And Car rear mirror.
Before hanging it, rub its feathers with your hands.
Used Materials:
  1. Aluminium Ring 7.5 cm
  2. Nylone Thread
  3. Feathers
  4. Wooden Beads

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The White Dream Catcher:

Embodies ethereal elegance, weaving a tapestry of tranquility and timeless beauty. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, its delicate web of pristine white threads captures the essence of purity and serenity. The circular frame, adorned with subtle beads and feathers, exudes a sense of harmony and balance.

Hung above your sleeping space, this enchanting dream catcher becomes a guardian of dreams, filtering out negativity and allowing only the most peaceful visions to pass through. The soft, angelic hue of white symbolizes purity of heart and a blank canvas for the dreams that are meant to unfold.

As sunlight dances upon its intricate design during the day, the White Dream Catcher becomes a subtle yet striking piece of art, transforming any space into a sanctuary of calm. Whether placed in a bedroom, nursery, or meditation corner, this dream catcher whispers tales of serendipity and hope, inviting you to embrace the gentle embrace of a restful night’s sleep. Embodying simplicity and sophistication, the White Dream Catcher is more than a decoration; it’s a conduit for dreams, a symbol of peace, and a beacon of tranquil energy.

white Dream Catcher

Enhance your space with our exquisite white dream catcher – a symbol of tranquility and positive energy. Perfect for blissful nights and stylish decor.

Product SKU: W1T001DC

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7x7x38 cm (LxWxH)


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